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I have been a professional musician for over 35 years. I have recording credits on over 20 LP's and CD's and have produced over 100 published songs. I am a singer/songwriter, guitarist, multi-instrumentalist, producer and recordist who has worked at major and independent labels and for ASCAP. I am a major music collector and musicologist and my passion for all things musical has been my life's passion. I have so respected you as a musician, guitarist, and artist, Bill. I am so sorry about your mother's passing and I know how difficult that can be. Losing family is always one of life's biggest challenges, whether expected or not, but we somehow find the strength to persevere and find our way back to where we're supposed to be. I have collected over three dozen of your recorded works from the Be Bop Deluxe era, as well as from your solo endeavors. Thank you for all of the wonderful music that you have put out to the world for our enjoyment. I very much enjoy reading your journal entries on this site. They are always well-written and heart felt. You have been an inspiration to me in my journey as a creative artist in terms of always staying true to who I am and where I want to go as an artist. I always allow the process to take me to where it is destined to end up, as you eluded to in your last journal entry. Again, thank you for all of your contributions to the arts and my thoughts and prayers are with you regarding your mother's passing. Stay safe out there, be well, and, always, the very best to you and yours.


Michael White

Yarmouth, Maine (USA)

Michael White

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