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Been a Bill fan for many years after being introduced to the music of Be Bop Deluxe (this was when there was Be Bop Deluxe !!) by a friend who's dad used to have a pub in Pontefract. She told me that Bill played at the pub regularly in his early days. I think Modern Music had just come out when I was shown the amazing music (said friend gave me a present of same on cassette tape. The proper shop bought pre recorded tape ! That's how long ago it was). I think I remember she told me that "girly Jane" was a friend of hers too !!

I have been interested in Bill's progress since that day. I have seen him play live several times, both as Bill and as Red Noise.

One of the things I like most about Bill is that he seems to be a really nice man and, given that he is a music hero (don't blush Bill), very humble......oh, and he can play a bit.

I make a noise with guitars (love 'em !) rather than play, much to my frustration, but I have had a go at my version of Contemplation. Not sure Bill would be impressed with my playing....or my trying to play one of his "old" songs ;-)

The October Man
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