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bill you filled in the space that hendrix left i saw you twice here in usa in philly i had surgery and panotptixk implants in both eyes !i was in this business 50yrs. a master optician , a mcusician and a fihsing guy! loved your music from the beginning all these years . just saw the interview from october , and how you mentiioned the diabetes that has to be always checked. but i would love to discuss your music and ideas i played with sting once and page and plant , happenings ten yrs time 8miles high all of this i played as a kid growing up i'm 70 now and yes today all my friends are gone my family but i keep rocking and listen to you your on my system right now as i'm typing i guess theres an angel in my system . so with out alot of info i think you will be fine , thats my educated guess! but i want you to know i would love to share your opinion of how you have been so prolific and believe you are the most ingenius and inspiring indvidual you are truly blessed and i and your fans are main instrument is drums rythym guitar and as of 78 all vocals and front work! i can do your vocals quite well get well no bending over even for the cat and no heavy lifting for awhile i will stay in touch i hope u get this i live in the air age and im not on the same planet or space that every one else is not a put down just have a simple love of life and all thats in it ! Thanx your admirer your friend your fan your eye guy and oh i think Emi is the Bomb!


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