Have been feeling absolutely rotten today. Constantly sneezing, blowing my nose, intermittent coughing and exhibiting the energy of a stoned-out sloth. This cold has, as is often the case with me, brought things to a standstill. I should be working on the art for 'Plectronica' but couldn't face it or focus on what was needed. Had endured a terrible night with little sleep too, which didn't exactly help matters.

Didn't go out for my usual walk around town this afternoon either, so my blood-sugar levels were higher than usual when I tested them before dinner. Took an extra unit of insulin when I self-injected but I suspect that the 'ready meal' I had for dinner won't help matters. (Emi is out this evening at a farewell party for the boss of the charity she does voluntary work for, hence my 'make-do' meal.)