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September 6 already. Time is flying by and there is so much work to be done to prepare for the 'Plectronica' event in December. Already beginning to feel frazzled and worn out and I'm nowhere near having everything in place.

Currently working on more images for the 'Auditoria' album package. Also creating new background videos to project during my solo set and Orchestra Futura set at the event. A slow process. Still need to complete some new backing tracks for both these sets too.

Received the 'Auditoria' test master CDs from John Spence. These are the mastered versions of the triple album which I will need to listen to and approve before they can go to the manufacturing stage. Also have to get Martin Bostock to lay out the packaging artwork. before the whole thing can be sent away. (The packaging art has to accompany the masters to the pressing plant.)

Hoping to get finished copies back in time to sign a couple of hundred of them for attendees of 'Plectronica.' Any copies left unsold from the event will go into the Dreamsville store's stock, so some mail order customers may end up with a signed copy.

Have been somewhat distracted from these important tasks by the upcoming reissue of Be Bop Deluxe's 'Sunburst Finish' album that Cherry Red are putting out in November. I've had various emails from the company requesting me to help set up a Spotify page for the Be Bop back catalogue. I don't like Spotify at all as the royalty rate from streaming is unbelievably poor, but I don't own the Be Bop recordings so I'm trying to help Cherry Red as best I can.

The company have also asked if I can be available for any press interviews they might get enquiries about. I've said yes to that provided I don't have to travel to London to do them. Too busy for that.

There's also the ongoing possibility of me being involved in a 'Sunburst Finish' documentary film. Talk of filming it in Abbey Road studios where the album was recorded but the fee for using the studios is astronomically high so an alternative solution may be sought. I've suggested doing it here in my home studio but that might not be suitable.

Another request came from Cherry Red asking me if I would license the Cocteau Records 'Fiat Lux' single to them to be part of a reissue of the band's recordings. The band are apparently involved with the reissue, (though the band's third member, my brother Ian Nelson, is sadly no longer around to take part in the re-rlease.)

Have completed the video showcasing two tracks from my 'Model Village' album. The two tracks are 'Windmill Interlude' and 'Cross Country.' I plan to feature them at the event in December.

Still need to find time to create some original artwork for the merchandise stall at 'Plectronica.' How good these will be with my failing eyesight is a moot point.

Speaking of which, I finally got my hospital appointment for my eye injections done on Tuesday. As I've mentioned in a previous journal entry, I missed my last appointment due to catching a nasty cold and not feeling well. I'm supposed to be back on the four week cycle of injections but this last time the gap between procedures was over eight weeks. My eyesight has noticeably deteriorated in the interim.

Anyway, Tuesday saw me go through the usual routine of eye tests, blood pressure checks, a scan to both eyes, a consultation with the doctor and finally the injection procedure, this time in both my eyes. 'Double the fun', I said to the nurse and doctor administering the needles into my eyeballs. Oh how they laughed! Sadists...

Actually I didn't have the black blobs floating in front of my eyes after the deed was done this time, which was quite unusual. Doesn't seem to have improved my vision though...I've wasted a lot of time trying to correct the typing of this journal entry, having to keep holding a magnifying glass up to the screen.

That's all for now...I need a break.


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