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The USB 2 cable I referred to in my previous journal entry didn't arrive until this afternoon, which was too late for John Spence to be able to come over and wire my new system up. So, that task has been moved to tomorrow. Again, another set back and very frustrating but, I guess that's the way it is.

I have many questions to ask John to resolve, (if at all possible,) about the way Cubase 10 operates. He will definitely have more experience than myself in these matters, but I'm sure something in the way that I work will cause more than a bit of deliberation.

I've been used to 'old school' methods with recording for a very long time. Simple arming of tracks, pressing record and playing the instruments in real time. Faders always at hand to adjust levels with eq controls and everything else visible and accessible at all times. Even FX sends right there in physical form on the mixing desk to be able to apply when needed.

Unfortunately the software system I'm about to enter is much more complex with so many options and most of them hidden away in a myriad of menu pages. I guess this sort of approach might suit those who simply glue loops and samples together to assemble a track, but, whilst it's nice to avail myself of such methods from time to time, most of my recordings are made by playing the instruments in real time and by simply recording the performance as it happens. I have little use for cutting and pasting, pitch correction and so on. All I'm interested in is getting the musical ideas down in as spontaneous and honest a way as possible. Well, we'll soon see how easy or not that is...

Incredibly hot today, the hottest July on record apparently. It didn't help to be trapped in the house awaiting the USB cable arriving. The fan is on in my studio at the moment but it hardly makes any difference to the heat which, even at 9 pm in the evening, is stifling.

The UKs new Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, made his Parliamentary debut today. As expected it was full of windy bluster, buffoonery and a series of ridiculous, fairy-tale promises that have no real substance or even a Cinderella footprint in reality. He's also assembled an extremely right wing government which puts him on a level with the appalling Trump 'Presidency' in the USA. All of his cabinet minister are people who I strongly disagree with or abhor with a vengeance. What have we come to? Shame on those that have enabled and given succour to this dismal excuse for government...



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