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Deliberating with myself over which images I've made will best suit a couple of upcoming albums. The main focus of attention at the moment is the 'Dynamos And Tremolos' album. I've built up more images for this than will be needed but I'm undecided as to which might be the most appropriate selection in terms of overall design.

The album is a combination of synths and guitar sounds and my initial idea was to reflect this using images of retro synthesisers and old guitars. But I also wanted to bring on board a more sci-fi touch with antiquated, distressed, robot pictures.

Perhaps I could accomodate both concepts in some way, maybe by opting for a digi-pak album presentation rather than a jewel case. That option would allow me a little more space for images, albeit at a higher cost of manufacture. I'm going to sleep on it and decide tomorrow.

Emi is travelling to London in the morning to renew her Japanese passport. She has to go to the Japanese embassy there to do this, which means a very early departure from our local station to arrive at Kings Cross in time to get to the embassy for the lengthy proceedure of passport renewal. Japan has very strict enforcements of this kind of thing, but it has to be done in readiness for her trip to Tokyo in April. I'll need to be up at 6AM, a time in not at all used to, to take her to the station...

Django and I will miss her very much during her April absence from our lives when she travels to Japan.. Though it's 'only' for ten days I'm sure it will feel like an eternity to us. My health issues create worries and being alone with no-one to keep their eye on me is a matter for nervous concern.

Perhaps I'm being over anxious and everything will be fine.

One thing to address is my food intake. Emi has learned how to cook just the right type of food for someone suffering from diabetes like myself. I, on the other hand, hardly cook at all, so I'll be reliant on 'ready meals', of which there are only a limited number that suit my condition. Managing diabetes and balancing meals is not easy.

Bought a DVD today, a documentary about John Coltrane titled 'Chasing 'Trane.' Looking forward to watching this.

At the moment, I'm going back to work on more images for the previously mentioined album package.

'The Unrealist' album is due, however, for immanent release on Bandcamp...a casual, free roaming instrumental album for guitar lovers. A pleasant aside in the torrent of work that awaits release.


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