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The usually warm weather for this time of year continues, though I believe it will change tomorrow for cooler days. Still, it's been pleasant driving in the sunshine with the top down on my aging convertible.

Received a warm and welcome email from my dear friend Harold Budd yesterday. He seems to be happy and content at his hideout in the Mojave desert, visited by coyotes, roadrunners and lizards. Harold is one of my most precious friends, a fellow artist who 'gets' what I do and who I value for both his friendship and sensitive insight into my own music. I'm still amazed that when I discovered his music all those years ago, during the sessions for the Red Noise 'Sound-On-Sound' album whilst taking a lunchtime break in London from the album's sessions and browsing in Tower Records Store in Piccadilly Circus, I first discovered Harold's work on an album titled 'The Pavillion Of Dreams.' My admiration and love of his music continues to this day and I was amazed, many years ago now, when I eventually met Harold and became good friends with him. It still knocks me out that such a collaboration could happen.

For me, a totally untutored musician who relies on instinct and nervous guesswork to figure out what other musicians may be aiming at, it's a special privilege to have worked with someone of Harold's stature. But, even more special than the music is our warm friendship as friends.

Soon, I'll post a list of the possible titles for my 'These Stars Are Fire' album, though it won't be a running order or even a definitive final track list. The project continues to occupy my time and at some point in the later part of the year I will assess whatever tracks I've accumulated, (which I expect to be many,) and arrive at a final decision on the ultimate shape and form of the album. Exciting times in many ways...

Meanwhile, here are more images for you to enjoy...

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Terry Bennett
Terry Bennett
23 de out. de 2018

Would love to see a shot of the room you have all your guitars in. Must be amazing. I imagine stacks of guitar cases.

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