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I've received a request from the American magazine 'Vintage Guitar' to do an interview and album review in connection with the 'Songs For Ghosts' album. They also would like a photo' of me with my gold Musicvox guitar. I'll need to post the album to them as it isn't available as a download but I've sent them one of Martin's pics of me with the Musicvox. They will email me questions to answer once they've received the album and listened to it. I'm not sure when the completed article will be published but I suspect some time next year.

I'd hoped that there may have been a chance to have 'That Old Mysterioso' released for Christmas but Paul tells me it won't be possible to get it manufactured in time, so we're looking at next year, as I suspected might be the case.

However...we're planning to digitally re-issue the two 'Rosewood' albums via my Bandcamp page next month, so that may provide an affordable Christmas gift for those who missed out on the album when it was originally released. It's a two-volume affair and ranks amongst my personal favourites.


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