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Despite the fact that I now have enough tracks for the album with the working title of 'Vulcan Street,' I couldn't resist starting another piece. This track is titled 'No Room In My Head' and is a strange little thing. I say 'little' but it's over 6 minutes long and the lyric is not much more than the title itself with a scant few other words. Nevertheless, it's richly textured with a low down groove. I'll add final percussion today and then begin working on the mix.

The actual album is all vocal-based and contains an eclectic fusion of styles. It will be interesting to begin putting all this material into some sort of running order, though getting its diversity to flow may be a challenge.

This month, (April,) I've been given some potential dates to book Fairview Studio for the purpose of mastering a couple of new albums from my growing list of unreleased material. I'll have to decide which albums to give priority to but this newest one is tempting me. No packaging artwork finished for any of these yet, though I've got images prepared for several of them. Need to make a decision and then get the appropriate images over to Martin Bostock for him to work on the final layouts and typography.

One difference with releases from now on is that the physical CDs will be manufactured and sold via 'Burning Shed' rather than Sound-On-Sound magazine, the latter having restructured the company to operate without warehouse or mail order facilities. If I decide to release one of the two albums I'll be mastering this month as a physical CD, it will be the first new album sold via 'Burning Shed.' I may release the other album as a Bandcamp 'download only' item.

Anyway, something new to look forward to...

A flyer for the album 'Magnetic Travels.'

A 'Tales Of Tomorrow' flyer...


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