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Friday again already. And where did that week go? Time plays head games with those of us of a 'certain age.' I've not achieved anywhere near the amount of things I intended to do with these last seven days, yet they've gone by in a blur of something or other.

Haircuts were completed on Wednesday and now Emi and I feel more human and can walk amongst our fellow humans without thinking we look like Wurzel Gummidge and Raggedy Ann.

I'm still working towards the conclusion of the 'Drive This Comet Across The Sky' album. I already have lots of possible tracks finished but, when I began to review them the other day I decided there were too many instrumental tracks and not enough vocal tracks, so have continued to write and record. It's ongoing and no particular need to rush I suppose...but I'm enjoying the ride so why slow down?

Coming soon on Bandcamp will be 'The Unrealist' album, probably around the 25th of this month. But I've now decided that the next physical CD album should be 'Dynamos And Tremolos,' which goes in a slightly different direction to recent offerings, being a fusion of synth and guitar.

I've yet to take this album to Fairview Studio for John Spence to master, ready for manufacturing, but I'm beginning to work on ideas for the album's visual design. Not sure when this will be released. A time slot for manufacturing and mailing out will need to be allocated once the artwork is complete and the album mastered, but maybe in April, or at least May, all being well...

Bought the new 'Blade Runner' film on DVD the other day and watched it in front of a blazing log fire. Actually managed to stay awake for most of it and was impressed by the visual design and amazing attention to detail. The plot wasn't perhaps as good as the first instalment, but it served to back up the wonderful special effects. I'll need to watch it again, which is a good sign.

A trip to Leeds today, to visit the old Market Hall, a wonderful building which almost got demolished by the council a few years back. Petitions were signed by local people and market traders and, amazingly, it was given a reprieve. It really is an antique jewel in Leeds' all too modern crown. We went to the fish market section and bought scallops, prawns, squid, Tuna and Salmon. Emi is cooking some of that right now and the aroma drifting upstairs to my studio from the kitchen is very appetising!

And now I need to go downstairs and take my evening Insulin injection before I sit down to eat. And so I'll close the journal for today.


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