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Waiting in, most of today, for the delivery of my new Yamaha RBX bass guitar. Finally arrived around 3: 40 pm in a large cardboard box. Very little protection but all appears well. A pleasing design, simple and quietly beautiful in white and grey with volume controls that light up in neon bright colours as they're turned up. A nice touch whose appeal didn't escape me when I chose this model.

Already using it on a new vocal track, as yet untitled. The instrumental numbers I've been working on towards a new album for my 70th Birthday event are going to be included on a larger, double, (or maybe even triple,) album project which I'll release around the 1st of December to coincide with the birthday event, (though my 70th isn't until the 18th of December.)

I'm tentatively calling this birthday album 'These Stars Are Fire.' Things might change, of course, but I'm happy with this title for the moment.

Getting closer to Emi's trip to Japan....will be alone for 17 days or so, as I've mentioned before, but hopefully ok. Need to start buying 'ready meals' to freeze in preparation.

Have been tempted with a second-hand Tokai 'Firebird' copy advertised locally...Do I really need yet another guitar? I've always had a hankering after a Firebird shaped guitar, and these Tokai ones seem to be very good, despite not carrying the Gibson name and being somewhat cheaper. Have to decide soon though as it's about to end its sale period on the internet. How to justify this to Emiko though...?

My son Elliot coming over for dinner on Wednesday. (Elle away in France at the moment.) Perhaps, when Emi goes to Japan next week, my three children will 'rally round' to cheer me up a little. Eldest daughter Julia is currently shaping up for a visit from London with my grandson Luke.

An injured rabbit in our garden today...had to push Django into the house to stop him from attacking it. Poor thing, it appeared to have been already savaged by something or other, and seemed half blind. I didn't know what to do, felt somewhat helpless but managed to usher it into a carboard box and took it into the nearby fields where I released it. I don't think it will live long though. Sometimes, nature is so cruel. Every animal I see that goes through pain and suffering I feel deeply for.

Have to get the results of my recent blood test tomorrow...and later in the week a doctor's appointment to check out my finger/hand problem. The new bass guitar neck requires quite a stretch of the fingers on my left hand and, with no position markers on the guitar's neck, it's taking some getting used to. But it sounds good and I'll just have to endure.


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