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The Ventures In Space

What seems like an eternity ago...and yet like only yesterday, I bought this album way back in the 1960s. 'The Ventures In Space.' With cover art that hardly matched the sci-fi title and yet spoke of the optimistic times and the hope of a bright future, I fell for the image's romance.

Hot Rods and Custom Cars like the one in the cover photo' were a great passion of mine as a teenager. I built many an imported plastic model kit, (made by companies such as Aurora, Monogram and AMT), of various custom cars designed by the likes of George Barris and Ed Roth, exotic automotive fantasies, beyond the reach of mundane, post-war British austerity, yet adored by those who, like myself, were seduced by the glamour of American pop-culture.

The music on the album wasn't quite as good as the Ventures' earlier recordings, (like 'Walk Don't Run' or 'Ram-Bunk-Shush'), all of which helped fire up my earliest guitar dreams, but it was, nevertheless, cool enough. I think I may still have the original vinyl that I bought all those long years ago.


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