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'The Unrealist' album was let loose today on my Bandcamp page. A digital download only album, it is already being taken up by fans at a fast rate. Some good comments being posted about it too, which is gratifying.

Emi is on her way home from London as I type these words. She went very early this morning to renew her Japanese passport in preparation for her trip to Tokyo in April.

Considering that Django and I have been at a loss today without her around, her absence for ten days in April is going to be difficult for us. Can't exactly explain to Django that mummy is going to Japan and will eventually return...he'll just wonder where she is all the time.

I've put a fish pie in the oven so it will be ready for us to eat when Emi gets back from London in half an hour or so. Eating a bit later than usual tonight and consequently having to take my insulin injection later too. Which I must now attend to...


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