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A slightly frustrating day trying to get the company we bought our garden shed from to repair the roof felt which was stripped away in recent gales. Went around the houses with 'phone calls and emails with little success. Finally managed to talk to someone who said he could repair it for us. Sent him, via email, photographs of the damage but haven't heard a thing back yet. I wait in hope...

Meanwhile, have managed to make a mark on a new song for my future album, tentaively titled 'Drive This Comet Across The Sky.' Only the basic foundations laid at the moment but more detail to be added over the next few days. Something to focus on.

Another sleepless night, last night, filled with my usual dark thoughts and misgivings. Strange how during these early morning awakenings the reality of life's hard knocks comes to call. Is it all meaningless..?

Managed a brief trip into town today and treat myself to a DVD box set of the newest 'Twin Peaks' series. I missed much of it when it was broadcast on tv last year but, what little I saw seemed powerfully strange and surreal. I'm looking forward to watching the whole thing, a little of it every evening. David Lynch has a way of tapping into my own dark corners and shining a little illumination on them. A remarkable film maker and an artist who I'd love to work with.

Here, the ridiculously dumb Brexit debacle continues with a government that seems to have lost its grip and sanity. The whole thing is absolutely out of control and those who thought it would be otherwise are sadly deluded. Such a shame...But, as the old saying goes, 'never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.' I've almost given up on the 'English' to have the foresight and ability to make smart decisions anymore. Empirisist, nationalistic nonsense and way out of date.

In York today, I was struck by the number of smaller and middle level businesses that have gone bust or disappeared from our high streets. The news is filled with such stories, mainly because of the fall in the pound, (due to the Brexit vote,) and inflation.

Things will, of course, become much worse as 'Brexit', (despicable term,) kicks in. Those who opted for this dismal outcome will live to regret it big time, (or maybe they won't live long enough to see the negative result affecting their offspring.) Well, it's on their own heads, though, sadly, it will also be on ours too, and our grandchildren's. Dumb, dumb, dumb...As one of my old songs stated "It's a dumb, dumb, dooby dumb world..."


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