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More eye injections coming up on the 31st of July, in both eyes. Not looking forward to it at all. Trying to find ways of taking my mind of the rapidly approaching ordeal.

Luckily I've had the distraction of digging out some old photographs of Be Bop Deluxe to email to Mark Powell of Esoteric/Cherry Red Records for their re-issue of the 'Sunburst Finish' album. Hopefully the photo's will be useful for the book that will be included in the three disc set.

Currently working on a new track for the 'Auditoria' album, (also destined to be a three disc set.) The track is tentatively titled 'In The Neighbourhood Of Normal,' though the track is not 'normal' at all. Searching through voice samples to use on it at the moment. Was hoping to finish it tonight but we're invited to a friend's barbecue in town so will be out most of the evening.

Narrowing my choice of titles for album 3 in the 'Auditoria' set. It might be titled 'State Of Play' or 'This Way And That', but there are other ones I've got in mind too. Will live with these for a few days before finally deciding.

Had a meeting with Ian Haydock on Sunday to outline the schedule for the 'Plectronica' event on the 1st of December. Need to provide Ian with an image for the tickets.

We talked about the actual live set and where to incorporate 'Orchestra Futura' in it. I think I'll probably do three numbers solo, then one with Theo, then expand that with Dave to fulfil maybe five or six 'Orchestra Futura' numbers, then finish off with three or four solo numbers. That should easily take up an hour or more. Then we'll take a break for me to have my insulin injection and then continue with an on-stage interview and a playback of a handful of tracks from 'Auditoria.'

I've also got to create some original art for the merchandise stall. I've bought two white ceramic plates which I'll hand decorate too. I've also got some modelling clay and may try to create some small sculptural pieces. I'll also need to assemble some new videos to show, especially to project behind two or three new numbers I'll be playing in my solo set. As always, a lot of work goes into preparing for these events. Hopefully, all of this goes towards making it an enjoyable day for attendees.


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