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Have been feeling a little depressed these last few days. My eyesight seems to have deteriorated to the point where I'm unable to read emails clearly on my 27 inch iMac computer without the aid of both reading glasses and a magnifying glass...and I'm sitting literally a foot away from the screen.  

These words I'm typing now require me to hold the magnifying glass up to the screen to check that I haven't mis-typed anything. (And I've already corrected several mistakes up to this point.)

Black text appears not only incomprehensible but light grey in colour, I seem to be losing contrast to a dramatic degree. Why this should be is difficult to understand as I've been having regular injections into my eye to supposedly stabilise the diabetic related macular degeneration, but it definitely has taken a noticeable turn for the worse recently.  Even watching tv now is frustrating with people's faces appearing as a glowing white blur with hardly any discernible features.

Ironic that the most fulfilling aspects of my life, music, visual arts/film and reading are now gradually being taken from me due to my deafness and poor eyesight.

I still manage to make music here in my home studio though, where I have the time and facility to slowly work though the process of recording in such a way as to get a reasonable result, despite these impediments. I intend to continue creating music and visuals as long as I'm able, though it no longer is as easy or comfortable as it once was. It just takes a heck of a lot longer to get right...

I took some photographs of a few of my guitars the other day, which I'm attaching here.

Today went to Castle Howard with Emi for a late lunch. Bright and sunny but that didn't aid my vision much at all, everything was 'washed out' and indistinct. But it was good to get out of the house and enjoy the fresh air for once...

Meanwhile, here's a glimpse of some of my beloved guitars...more to follow in next journal entries.

A sunburst quartet: Left to right: A Musima 'Record' thinline archtop, an Eastwood 'Fire Bird' tribute, a Fret-King 'Country Squire Deluxe', and an Eastwood Morris Custom re-issue.

The recent Tokai Firebird I was given by a loyal fan, complete with the Duesenberg Les Trem I had retro-fitted to it.


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