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Well, Emi arrived safely in Japan but her mobile phone won't work there. I suspected it wouldn't. As a result she wasn't able to call me when she landed at Narita airport.

However, her iPad managed to connect to the internet and she sent me emails informing me that she was ok and on the bus into Tokyo. I've since called to her friend's house mobile phone, though I had some frustration at first with incorrect international codes but finally got through. She's staying for the first half on the 10 days with Junko, an old friend of hers from years back. Junko is a nice girl and was cooking dinner for Emi and Emi's younger brother when I called. Good to hear her voice and know that she's safe.

Back here in this corner of Yorkshire, the man who cuts our grass and keeps the garden tidy came today, the first time this year. After two hours work he had the garden looking much nicer. There are blossoms starting to appear on the small flowering cherry we planted last year in our rear garden.

I went out for a walk around Sainsbury's supermarket but only bought some cold medication. I seem to have one of those colds that is almost subliminal. Sniffling nose, occasional cough and feeling a bit 'off it' but not a full blown, whistles and bells one.

When I got back from the supermarket, Django was waiting to greet me when I opened the door, then he just sat in the doorway looking for Emi again. He was still sitting there, looking out at her car, 30 minutes later.

I washed up the plates from breakfast and lunch and put another ready meal in the oven. (A chicken dinner with veg.) I added a frozen Yorkshire pudding to bulk it up a bit.

Now that it's dark, Django has disappeared into the fields behind the house. Hope he'll be back before bedtime. Now that the weather is improving slightly, he's more prone to going out hunting. This can be distressing. He brought a baby rabbit into the house from one of his jaunts last week. Poor thing was dead. Grabbing it from him wasn't easy but eventually it was liberated and its body laid to rest in a nearby field. Shaking my finger at him and saying forcefully, "NO DJANGO!" doesn't seem to make any difference. He just looks up at me as if I'm completely bonkers.

Despite these gruesome escapades, Django is a sensitive, intelligent and affectionate cat and curls up next to me on the bed at night. A warm and furry companion.

Here's a photo I took earlier of Django waiting in vain for Emi...


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