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Had an appointment with the podiatry department again today. I'm experiencing problems with my feet. Without going into too much detail, I've now been given a special dressing for one of my toes which has to be kept on for four days, after which I have to apply a kind of brace to the toe to try and straighten it. Tests on my feet also show a loss of sensation, which is diabetes related. I'm not supposed to get my foot wet until the four days of wearing the dressing is up, (which will make my daily bath challenging to say the least.)

I have to return to the podiatrist in seven days to see how things are going but, in the meantime, it's neccesary to check my feet for ulcers and other damage on a daily basis. Not happy about this as it was one of the problems that lead to the late John Martin, (also a diabetes sufferer,) having to face leg amputation.

Sometimes, it's easy to become depressed about these various medical issues, the diabetes obviously, but also its related sight loss, my deafness in one ear, tinnitus, high blood pressure, and so on. I have to remind myself that things could be infinitely worse and that many musicians much younger than me have led much shorter lives. At least I'm finding a way to continue my musical journey with no lack of creative vision.

And, whilst on the subject of journeys, another album concept I've had at the back of my mind for several years popped into my consciousness again today: 'Transports Of Delight' an album of music for imaginary travels, might be something I could work on in the near future...But for now, here's an equally imaginary flyer for the album...


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