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Well, here we go, falling, tumbling, sliding into another New Year. It's the first of January 2018 and has begun fairly quietly due to a slight hangover from New Year's Eve frivolities. Not that we went anywhere or had people here for a party or did anything wildly exciting. Emi and I spent it together on our own, quite content to do so, watching the usual Jools Holland 'Hootenanny' show on tv. It's become a kind of tradition but somehow seems to have lost a little of its excitement over the years, featuring fewer guest artists and no one who would really give you much more than a mildly pleasant, but fairly sedate evening's entertainment. Maybe it's because the bigger names or more avant-garde types don't get involved (or invited) as much as they should. Anyway, it was sort of ok and gave the two of us an excuse to stay up a little later than usual with a bottle of Champagne.

Today was spent mainly at home, a slow day, slightly foggy of mind. Had a brief walk around Tesco's to stretch my legs and bought a DVD of a film I haven't seen titled 'LIFE.' Apparently it's an 'Alien meets Gravity' sort of movie. Which doesn't sound too promising, but, it's sci-fi so I'll give it a go. Going downstairs to watch it as soon as I've finished writing this journal entry.

Oh, and I completed the mix of another track which will go towards a new album I'm spasmodically working on. The album may be titled 'Drive This Comet Across The Sky,' or maybe something else. It's all very embryonic at the moment. We'll see...

So, before I close down for the night, here's a flyer I've mocked up for the album. Enjoy...and I wish you a VERY HAPPY, PEACEFUL 2018!


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