Our domestic fridge-freezer has been on the blink for several weeks now and seems to be getting worse. Ice cream has turned to mush and I'm concerned that the frozen food we've had in storage is not being kept at the proper temperature.

We've had our fridge-freezer for ten years now and it looks as if it's finally run out of steam, (or what passes for steam in a fridge-freezer.) So this Sunday afternoon we went to our local Curry's superstore out on the ring road to investigate the latest options to replace it.

Prices can be astronomical for some fridge-freezers, particularly the more well known makes, but those are out of the question for us. So...

I think we're going to opt for one made by a Chinese company called 'Hisense.' I've not heard of them before but was assured by the Curry's assistant that they were a reputable firm. Haven't quite 'bit the bullet' yet but will do so very soon. But more unexpected expense on top of everything else that has been leaking from my wallet at the moment. Hey ho...

Looking forward to seeing John Spence again tomorrow. He will be coming over to attempt the final setting up of my modest studio equipment. All being well, the Focusrite audio interface will integrate with the new Mac Mini computer's software and we may be able to actually get various items of tech gear to talk to each other and sit quietly in the background while I attempt to get to grips with the actual business of recording, which of course, is what this entire exercise is ultimately about.

Well, let's see what happens...

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