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Work continues on the album 'DRIVE THIS COMET ACROSS THE SKY'...Actually, there's probably enough tracks finished to try a rough assembly but I'm not convinced I've got the better of it yet, so work will continue for the rest of the week, then I'll take stock.

My plan to make a video for the title track hasn't yet got underway, though I've been gathering lots of images and treating and filtering them ready to sequence when I do start. Once the video is complete, I'm going to post it in the Essoldo Cinema on my website so fans can have a little taste of the album, (though when it will be released is not yet decided, partly because I haven't assembled a running order or decided upon artwork/packaging images yet, but also because I really ought to try and clear some of the backlog of already finished albums first. But I'm always excited by whatever new project I'm working on and, unfortunately, the other albums slip further back in the queue.)

On the domestic front, a visit to the doctor today to deliver the results of my blood pressure checks after taking a course of the tablets he proscribed for me in December. Seems that my blood pressure is now in the right 'zone' so I am going to continue taking them as it was too high previously. Only seen this particular chap a couple of times but I really like him. He seems to enjoy music and told me he is a big fan of 'The Cardiacs.' I think I'll drop him a copy of one of my albums to see what he makes of it.

Elliot and Elle over for dinner the other night. Emi cooked up a nice meal with special dishes made for Elliot's vegan girlfriend, Nic. Everyone chin-wagged 'till late. A very enjoyable evening.

'Over The Years,' the video I created for the 'New Northern Dream' launch party, has been uploaded to the Essoldo Cinema on my website. It's a 49 minute long autobiographical piece featuring photographs of myself at different points in my life, from infancy right up to current times. I have to admit it feels weird watching myself grow and change over those 70 years...but I can remember what it felt like at every stage, even at the earliest. Its hard to grasp that the photographs of myself at two or three years old, taken on a caravan holiday at St Leonards in Skegness, is the same person as the whiskery man of recent photographs...And yet I can remember laying awake in that caravan with rain rattling on its roof, all those long years ago, as if it were only yesterday. Perhaps this is one of the reasons that time and memory is a reoccurring subject in many of my songs. back to work!


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