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A couple of days ago I finally got my nerve up to push the button to order the new Apple Mac computer and its peripherals. And at some expense it has to be said. This completes the gear purchases I'll need to rebuild my recording system from the old hardware Mackie mixing desk and 24 track recorder that has stood me in good stead for so many years.

The various peripherals, (keyboard, mouse, Thunderbolt cable, HDMI cable and Superdrive,) arrived yesterday but the computer, a Mac Mini, will not get here for several days yet as it has to be custom configured with extra memory and storage. This computer will only be used for recording, all my other computer needs will be satisfied by the iMac that I've had for a few years.

I now have 12 tracks completed for 'Old Haunts' and could call a halt to the project but may attempt to create a couple more to bring the track count to 14. But once that is done, if indeed I do go ahead and record further tracks, the next task will be to sort out a running order for the CD and later get it mastered at Fairview. It's sounding good though...

'Old Haunts' will probably be the album for the launch party treatment we're planning for November. Having some problems with that though as the two people who have guitar teched for me at different times over the last few years, (Andy Newlove and Pete Harwood,) are both out on tour with bands during November and December. I've now asked Gordon White of Single Coil guitar repairs if he would be able to take on the role and he says he'd be happy to do so but also has some touring work on close to that time and will have to check with his employers on the length of the tour. But fingers crossed that Gordon will be available. He handles all the luthier jobs on my guitars for me and does an absolutely excellent job of them. He's also acted as guitar tech for lots of musicians, including Richard Hawley and Duane Eddy so I know he will be perfect for the launch party event. If everything comes together, it will be held at The Clothworker's Hall at Leeds University again, a venue which works well for both the audience and myself.

'Stand By: Light Coming...' is now available to pre-order from Burning Shed so I'm hoping this method will allow more fans to secure a physical copy of the CD. We'll see...

Now it's time for my blood-sugar test and a spot of lunch.


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