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Frozen in more ways than one. Extremely cold here at the moment, especially in my studio which has no heating due to the one radiator being situated behind piles of equipment which can't be moved elsewhere. So it never gets turned on. I shan't stay up here longer than it takes me to write this diary/journal entry.

Frozen out too by my continuing recording equipment problems. Unable to work but, as probably mentioned before, have managed to complete this year's Dreamsville Christmas video despite the difficulties. It's a sweet thing which I'll try to post on the Dreamsville gallery area's cinema nearer Christmas.

Currently amassing images for another video which I'm planning to make for the song 'Drive This Comet Across The Sky'. I'll eventually post this in the Dreamsville cinema too as a prelude/taster of the album to come. (If I manage to get my recording equipment working again so that I can actually record the rest of the album.)

Going over to mum's tomorrow to sort her supermarket shopping out and spend some time with her. At 89 years old she's physically frail but reasonably sharp. Actually sharper than me sometimes, to be honest.

Strange dreams last night, (though I guess they're always pretty strange.) Awoke feeling distinctly uneasy this morning, despite only remembering fragments.

My dreams often involve being in old cities at night, gas-lit cobbled streets, dark Victorian buildings and roads that wind mysteriously up steep hills away from industrial canals. A sense of another time and half-remembered mill towns, creaking in the dull yellow glow of dark alleyways and dim-lamp-burning windows. Sometimes strange women figure, part familiar, part total stranger. Often alluring, sometimes troubling: dark others, weird familiars, maybe succubus' of some kind. I guess my magical-occult past sometimes imprints these ideas on my unconscious mind...that old mysterioso...

It's very cold now and I'm going downstairs to, untypically, do nothing but watch tv. Probably the news and the debacle that is the Trump presidency and the equally problematic Brexit issue. We live in dark times, I'm afraid...

Here's a flyer for 'The Guitar Room', yet another imaginary album...and a cool picture of a young Merle Travis.


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