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Just this minute finished, (at 10:25 PM,) what I think will be the final mix of this year's Dreamsville Christmas video music. I'll listen back to it tomorrow and decide whether it's ok or needs any further adjustment. If I'm happy with it I'll burn it to CDR and then transfer it into my computer and lay it down as the soundtrack for the aforesaid video.

I've filmed a lot of footage to use for this year's Christmas video, none of which has yet been transferred from my camcorder to my computer. It will take a few days to sort through it all and select appropriate scenes which will then require editing to the soundtrack. It's a lengthy piece this year. The ones I've made previously are quite short but the music for this latest one lasts over six minutes. It avoids the usual Christmas melodies and adopts a more abstract take on the season.

The footage I've captured with my camcorder encompasses shots of York's Christmas lights and Castle Howard's illuminations and interiors. Hopefully, the visuals will work well with the music. I'll probably get the whole thing finished by the weekend, providing there are no distractions.

Unfortunately, at this time of year, distractions are many and diverse. Still haven't got around to writing and sending Christmas cards. Emi is busy with lots of flower arrangement work, Christmas wreath workshops and so on, so the more basic needs of the season fall to me...and I'm failing miserably I'm afraid.

Anyway, back to the Christmas video, which I think will be titled 'The Crystal Lights Of Christmastown.' Or something like that.

My studio nice and warm at the moment thanks to a spacey looking fan heater bought as a 70th birthday gift from fans, It's definitely made working here in the winter more comfortable...


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