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Have now completed the mix of the track 'Drive This Comet Across The Sky', after tweaking the lyric slightly. It's a fairly brisk, straight-ahead rocker and will be the title track for a new album I'm working on.

Having fun playing some of my more recent guitars on it, including the 'Astroluxe Cadet,' the Musicvox Mi-6, the Supro 'Belmont' and the Eastwood 'Fire Bird', amongst others. There's nothing I like more than sitting here in my studio with a guitar on my lap...other than having Emiko (or Django) on my lap, of course!

'That Old Mysterioso', which is now fully mastered and just awaits the finishing touches to the package design, will hopefully see the light of day next year, probably in January, all being well.

Meanwhile, I'm working on images for the cover art for 'The Unrealist' album which is to be a digital download only affair. This will be available from my Bandcamp page sometime in January or February, provided all the artwork is complete in time.

I need to look carefully at next year's releases. I have a dozen or so unreleased albums awaiting artwork and mastering and it's a matter of choosing a release schedule for them. Some will have to be digital downloads only, simply because manufacturing CDs for all of them would take far too long and I really need to get them off my chest so that I can see more clearly what I need to do next.

Anyway, here's a flyer I've made for 'The Unrealist' album...suitably abstract and mysterious...


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