Updated: Mar 31, 2019

Spent the last couple of days changing a corner of my studio. I have two keyboards: an old Emulator E4K and a more modern Yamaha Motif 88. Both keyboards have been sitting on a large 'A' frame keyboard stand which occupied quite a bit of space in my studio. The Emulator E4K long ago got damaged when my old MPC 60 drum machine fell off the third level of the stand onto the Emulator's keyboard, breaking several keys in the process. The Emulator couldn't be played in the middle register due to the broken keys, though I kept using it for a while by transposing the sounds to either the lower or upper octave keys that still worked. When I purchased the Yamaha Motif, I stopped using the Emulator but kept it in situ on the stand with the intention of using a midi connection so that I could play its sounds from the Yamaha's keyboard.

Well, that was the intention but I never got around to it as