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Incredibly hot today. In my younger days I would have welcomed it but now it's both uncomfortable and, with climate change and global warming being such a currently worrying issue, not something I'm so happy about. My studio space is extremely warm, even though the sun has just about disappeared below the horizon.

Yesterday was the first stage of dismantling my recording equipment in preparation for the installation of the new computer-based gear. John Spence and Jon Wallinger both kindly came to help facilitate the removal of my old Mackie D8B mixing desk and HDR 24/96 multi-track recorder, plus various peripherals. It was hot work but everything was taken apart and stored in a spare bedroom, (a spare bedroom already filled with redundant gear, various guitars and piles of clothes.) Our house is crammed with the detritus of a long career in music.

After the old equipment and writhing nest of cables had been removed we began to put some of the new gear in place. As I suspected, there were several items that I still needed to buy so that it could all be connected up. Some of these I managed to find on Amazon last night and ordered. They were delivered this morning, which was welcome news.

However, another essential piece of kit, a USB 3 to USB 2 adaptor, proved a little more problematic. I found an official Apple product that was made to specifically address the job. Costing almost £50 I had no choice but to purchase it so contacted 'Stormfront' by email this morning to ascertain whether or not our local Stormfront store had one of these adaptors in stock. I was assured that they did so this afternoon set off into town, with my Zoom audio interface in a bag (for which I needed the adaptor,) to make sure the adaptor would fit the Zoom's Thunderbolt socket.

Arriving at the store I was greeted with blank looks. It turned out that the store didn't have stock of the adaptor but could order me one which might be delivered by Friday or early next week. As John Spence is coming over on Thursday of this week to complete the installation of the new equipment, this wasn't at all what I wanted to hear.

The upshot of this was that I decided to see if I could find a faster supply of the item on the internet. And in fact, this is what I eventually did. An Apple USB 3 to USB 2 adaptor will now, hopefully, be delivered to me tomorrow. Only problem is, I'm supposed to be meeting event organiser Ian Haydock over at The Clothworker's Hall in Leeds tomorrow afternoon for a preliminary discussion of the 'Old Haunts' album launch event. If the USB adaptor hasn't been delivered before I need to leave to drive to Leeds for the meeting, Emi will have to stay at home to make sure someone is in to sign for it.

Driving is becoming an increasing concern these days as the DVLA are now asking for me to undergo a special eye test to ascertain whether my eyesight is up to legal requirements for driving. I had to book an appointment for this test today, which is now scheduled for the 9th of August. I fear it may end up with my driving licence being revoked. To not be allowed to drive anymore will be an enormous blow to my independence and I'm not sure how I'll cope. It's very depressing...

Another worry today was brought on by our beloved cat Django. He was attacked, a couple of days ago, by one of the neighbour's cats and suffered an injury to one of his ears. The wound seems to have become infected so we took him to the vet this afternoon, an ordeal which he does not enjoy.

The vet gave Django an antibiotic injection and cleaned his ear. Hopefully that will help. (Well, it ought to do as it cost us £70 for a brief five or ten minute consultation.)

When we got home and released Django from his transport box, he headed off into the garden. We then had to go into town for the aforementioned Stormfront business and left him out. When we returned home, he was nowhere to be seen and endless attempts to call him or whistle him amounted to nothing. We ended up being very worried as the hours ticked on with no sign of him.

Emi went out to search the surrounding fields and I walked around the garden doing my usual whistle, a whistle that would normally call him back home. No response, nothing. Then suddenly he came walking down the drive with a look that said "What's all the fuss about? Here I am!"

Thank goodness he's ok. Some may think we're crazy to care so much for a simple cat, but he's become such an important part of our lives and we love him dearly.

Now, here in my incredibly hot and humid studio, I'll sign off for tonight. More studio adventures later...

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Bill, my cat had the same problem with an ear infection due to a fight. It was pretty severe. I treated it with organic oregano oil which has antibiotic properties, just dab it on directly. He smelled like a pizza but it cleared the problem right up. While the oil can be a little pricey, it's way less expensive than a trip to the vet and completely natural.

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