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Down in the dumps. For the last few days, my recording studio has been out of action due to some fault or other with my mixing desk. Basically, it won't 'boot up' when I switch it on. I've tried switching off and switching on again, hundreds of times with exactly the same result: The software simply won't load and boot up the system. I just get a 'system error No 43' message on the desk's LED screen. Then it sits there, dead as a doornail...

I had the desk repaired some time ago, (a very expensive repair actually, ) when it developed a similar problem. Now, it seems, it's back to square one. Extremely frustrating as I had a new track in progress titled 'House Of Mystery' which, obviously, I can't finish.

I emailed my friend John Spence about the problem yesterday. He knows a little more about this stuff than myself. John then called the company who repaired the desk last time it broke down and the repair guy asked if it would be possible to email a photo' of the screen to him so he could see the error message. Not sure how much help that would be as I'd already stated what the error message was, but I took photographs anyway and emailed them to the repair shop in Surrey. I haven't heard anything back yet and the desk still refuses to boot up, despite trying to get it to work many times today.

I just hope there's something that could be attempted to fix the problem, without the horrendous task of having to un-plumb the entire system from the studio and transport it down to Surrey for yet another expensive repair. Surrey is a very long way from here.

Frustrating too, how these problems occur at the least convenient time. With Christmas rushing up with all its attendant pressures, duties and preparations, (family stuff to organise, gifts to buy, cards to send, a Dreamsville Video Christmas Card to create, etc, plus a brand new album in the wings, waiting to go for manufacture, the last thing I need is a major studio breakdown. Too much to deal with right now.

Emi is attending a meeting at the Flower Guild tonight so I've had a solitary dinner and will now try to continue my attempt to decorate the house with various festive festoons, including the Christmas Tree. I set it up last night and arranged the lights and tinsel on it this afternoon. Now I have to begin to hang a multitude of baubles and objects on it to complete the look. After that, I'll turn my attention to the other main rooms in the house and put up lights and decorations there too. I've already hung the electric icicles on a pear tree in the back garden and they're now happily flashing, blinking and twinkling in the night breeze. (The lights, not the pears, which have long been harvested!)

Apparently, the weather forecast is predicting very cold conditions on Friday, and for the weekend too. Time to light the log burning stove and watch an old, nostalgic Christmas movie perhaps...But, damn, the studio not working feels like my arms have been cut off.


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