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And so arch-bigot philanderer and serial liar Trump arrives in the UK in his guise of so called 'President' of the USA. Here for an ill-advised and highly controversial State visit, Trump has already cemented his reputation as an undiplomatic pariah by insulting the Mayor of London in one of his incessantly unpleasant tweets, just seconds before his 'plane touched down in England.

Of course, the UK government and Royalty are no strangers to hosting lavish state events for various dictators and political bad guys, it's almost a tradition. Shame on them.

Trump's claims to be for the 'little' people of America is hilarious. Anyone can see he's only concerned with himself and his money. Everyone, that is, except his drooling fan base who appear to adore his regular displays of ignorance and aggression. A horrible man and the sooner he loses his job the better the world will be. And, sooner or later, lose it he will.

But, for now he will revel in the media attention he'll get here in the UK, even if the majority of it is negative. His personal inadequacy craves the spotlight and I suspect he believes the more controversial he becomes, the more people will talk about him, and he just loves being talked about.

It might be better if the media starved his ego of that attention and simply ignored the entire thing. A blow to his narcism is clearly a blow delivered more effectively than any other. But that's not likely to happen. He's meeting his pals Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson whilst over here, two more political creeps he resonates with.

And while on the subject of Johnson, who covets the job of Prime Minister when May finally steps down, let's all hope his leadership ambitions fail. He's just a 'pound shop' Trump, as one observer noted. His fans have christened him 'BoJo' for short. 'Bozo' (the clown,) more like it. Not that the Conservatives have got a sparkling set of choices to choose from for their leader. Where will it all end?

So, I retreat into my realm of music and song and try to shut out the inane folly that seems to have befallen much of the world. I'm currently working on a new album titled 'Old Haunts.' The starting point is to conjure up a state of beautiful decay, reverie and nostalgia. A twilight world where rain falls gently on rusty factories and streetlamps glow with pale light on abandoned avenues. Well, that's the starting point, but it will inevitably develop and stray.

Tomorrow is an eye injection day at the hospital. As always, I'm not at all looking forward to it. The procedure puts me out of action for a day and no work will get done. And so, I must make an extra effort to get a new track completed today...


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