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Drove over to Wakefield this afternoon to see my Mother and take her to the supermarket to help her with her shopping. A regular expedition every Saturday.

But this morning, before lunch, took a stroll down the lane outside our home and photographed the scenery on a pleasant, sunny, if somewhat cold, morning.

Part way down the lane, on the edge of a wide agricultural field, (which at the moment is barren,) there is what appears to be an ancient stone. A sort of megalithic marker of some kind. But it is, in fact, just an old stone gatepost, probably dating back over a hundred years or so. Its partner, or other half, actually resides as a decoratrive object in a corner of our own back garden, laid on its side, serving as a kind of seat. It must weigh quite a bit. Nice to have this though, especially as the other post has sat in the field for so many years.

There's a Knight's Templar connection here too. A farm not far away is called 'Templar Farm' and the ruins of an old Templar preceptory are located somewhere in its acreage.

I lived in the village of West Haddlesey many years ago and that too had a Templar connection. A book on the village's history, written way back in the 1920s, (I think,) by a local vicar who had studied deeply such matters, related that an esquire to a Templar Knight from nearby Temple Hirst, was called 'William, son of Nell.' I wasn't aware of this fact when I moved into the area, but later found it significant because of my personal involvement with esoteric orders and my particular interest in the Templars.

And again, when moving to my current abode with Emiko, had no idea that there was also a strong connection with a nearby Templar place of history. I feel a strange bond with the Knights Templar, and have done for many years. There is a story that the stones in a wall of the next door outbuilding/barn were the stones that were taken from that Templar Preceptory when it was demolished a long, long time ago. I don't know if that has been proven, but I like to believe it's true.

Anyway, here's a photo I took of the stone in the field...


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