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8:29, 1st OF MARCH: Another bitterly cold day with another layer of snow overnight. No sign of a thaw yet.

Have been confined to the house for two days now...for someone who needs to get at least a couple of hours walking in town to keep my blood-glucose levels in check, it's not an ideal situation. Sitting in front of the computer or mixing desk all day is unhealthy, but sitting in front of the tv being mindlessly 'entertained' is worse.

Nevertheless, I've completed the recordiing and mixing of a track titled ' TOO HOT THE EYE OF HEAVEN SHINES' which I've mixed in two versions, one as a backing track to possibly use at the 'Plectronica' performance planned for this coming December, the other as a finished instrumental with lead guitar overdubs. Sounds good....

Lit the log fire again. Need to backup the rather weak central heating our house suffers from.

Wondering whether to start another new piece for 'Plectronica' or close the studio down for the night. The blinking lights of my recording equipment are beckoning, guitars are calling to me from their cases in the storage room...I surrender.


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