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Not long back from Wakefield's Rehabilitation/Remedial Centre where Emi and I visited my mother this afternoon. She seemed a little more 'with it' today and not as confused as the last few times we had been to see her.

Her condition is variable, some days she appears to be picking up, on other days she slips back into a quiet depression and confusion. She continues to be bed bound and is suffering from back pain and bed sores, which is not surprising as she has been in hospital (and now the rehab centre,) for well over two months.

Her blood pressure is a worry at the's too low and the concern is that if it continues to be that way she will have to be transferred back to the hospital where it can be dealt with. Actually, a few days ago she had to be rushed to the hospital's accident and emergency department as a result of her trying to get out of bed unaided. She fell and hit her head on the wall of her room at the rehab centre. She was discovered laying on the floor by her bed, unable to get up. Thankfully, checks at the hospital's A+E department showed that no serious damage had been done, just bruising to her forehead. Nevertheless, the incident was of great concern to us and we've tried to make her aware that she should never try to get out of bed unaided until her strength and mobility improves considerably. If nothing else it shows that she still has a certain amount of determination.

The drive home tonight was plagued by high winds, rain and even hailstones. But it wasn't as bad as the other night when it took us three hours to get from Wakefield to York due to an overturned articulated truck blocking the Eastbound lanes of the M62. The tailback stretched for miles, three lanes of traffic at a total standstill. It took ages for the truck to be pulled to one side of the motorway so that a single lane could be opened up. When we eventually got to the place where the truck was overturned, it was being cut up into sections by a team of men with acetylene torches.

Due to visiting my mother almost every day for the last couple of months, I've found it difficult to achieve much in terms of work and have not even started on anything connected with Christmas, apart from creating my annual Dreamsville video Christmas card for my website. I've worked a little on this each night, often working late, but it is finally finished and was uploaded to my website's 'Essoldo Cinema' section today. (Which is nested inside the 'Gallery' section.)

I managed to film York's festive lights and have created a piece of music to accompany the video. The music is the first public example of a recording using my new Cubase recording software. Both film and music are a little rough around the edges but, in the time that was available to me, it's probably the best I could achieve It's titled 'The City Dreams Of Christmas' and is now available to watch at

Have yet to drag the Christmas Tree out of the shed and set it up, ready for decorating. Always a big job as the decorations are many and elaborate. Will I manage to do it this year or not? If not, it will be the first ever Christmas that I've not enjoyed the sight of the tree in full glory. Must make the effort, regardless of being depressed about mum's condition.

General Election in two days time. Sadly, for the Tories at least, it seems to be all about Brexit rather than more important domestic policies. Those who vote Tory just because they want to 'get Brexit done,' will not only be getting Brexit done but shooting themselves in the foot when the Conservative agenda shoves ordinary working people further into the ditch. You can be sure that I won't be voting for the horrendous Boris Johnson and his gang of lying toffs, (nor for 'rictus grin' Farage's boring Brexiteers.) To hell with the pair of 'em...

Nearly dinner time and a glass or two of red wine to blur the edges of my disdain and despair.

My birthday coming up soon too...71 years old. Can hardly believe it. This last year has literally flown by. Faster and faster, the whirl of the world condenses time and space. Feeling dizzy on the dial indeed.


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Hope your Mum improve's ...... all the best Bill to you and your family ..... my hero since 74 ..... Steve Morgan


Bill, I appreciate your sharing your life's up's and down's. Sometimes a fan like myself may forget that you live a rather ordinary life too. I hope your personal economy is doing well. Continuing to pray for your mother. Drive safely!


Terry Bennett
Terry Bennett

It's been so wonderful seeing all of the various flyers you've posted here and on the forum. You should compile a book of all of These, even if only in digital format.

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