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I think I've got all the images, track lists and sleeve notes for 'Auditoria' finished and sent over to Martin now, so he should be able to do a complete assembly of the triple album for me to look at so that I can make any last minute adjustments. Always difficult to judge until I see the total package laid out.

Took the afternoon off and went to Castle Howard with Emiko where we had lunch. A very nice man who manages the cafe in the main house there always makes a fuss of us when we visit, which I have to admit is quite often. It's one of my favourite Yorkshire locations, as readers of this journal know.

Much colder today though, really felt the drop in temperature, but as I type these words, the sun has come out and it's quite a bit brighter than previously. The days are growing shorter now and the leaves are starting to turn colour and gradually fall from the trees. Nothing too dramatic yet but soon the Autumn season will kick in and all will be golden, red and brown. There's a melancholy and tender feel to Autumn that I like. Suits my age and my mood.

I still have ten albums waiting in the wings for release. None of them mastered yet and none with sleeve designs, though I've been creating and stockpiling images for two or three of them. Not sure if I'll find the time to get another one released this year, but it would be good to get one ready for Christmas alongside 'Auditoria', perhaps a digital download only release which would bypass the manufacturing process. (The pressing plant gets extremely busy in the run up to Christmas.)

But which album to choose for release first? I've got a fairly abrasive, avant-garde album titled 'Phantom Fuzzbox' and, at the other end of the sonic scale, a mellow, introspective one titled 'Aqua Moon.' Plus others that sit somewhere between these two extremes...

The presentation of my honary Arts doctorate degree coming up next month. Feeling very nervous about it, I have to admit. I've got several problems to solve with regard to this, not least how best to get to Winchester from York, (which is a very long way,) but also how to take care of Django the cat whilst we're away from home. Unfortunately I don't think it will be possible to go to Winchester and then return back home in one day, we'll need to stay overnight, which creates a problem for our beloved cat. Will try to see if Elle or Elliot can come and stay here to take care of him during our absence but that might not be possible. Must sort something out soon, but have been so busy with other stuff that it's all getting a bit last minute and chaotic.

One piece of info I've just gleaned about the degree ceremony is that fans, unfortunately, won't be allowed to attend. It's only for degree students and their families. Apologies to any fans who might have intended to be there to support me. I'll miss you...

Could do to start looking into my solo set and the 'Orchestra Futura' set for the 'Plectronica' event next. Important to choose which backing tracks to play to, also need to create some brand new ones for both myself and the 'Orchestra Futura' section of the performance, then get everything mastered at Fairview so that the backing tracks can be cued up in the correct order at the event.

I've managed to create some new video backdrops for 'Plectronica' too, all of which are looking good. Once the backing tracks are sorted out, I then need to choose which guitars will fit best with each track. I think last year I used 16 different guitars for the 16 tracks that I performed. Will try to cut down on the number of guitars and tracks this year, though I'm sure to be tempted to take on more than I can chew again.

Far more work goes into these one-off events than most people realise. Each event is unique and tailored to a particular mood or concept, (or a combination of moods.) Every year I decide I'm not going to do another one of them, then, once the event is over and I've had time to recover, I decide I'll maybe do just one more, then end up getting stressed out and exhausted the closer it comes.

I'm much happier working quietly in my home studio where my various heath issues can be carefully managed and I can relax, hidden from the pressure of audience scrutiny. I guess I've gradually become an old recluse. Maybe I'm heading for official hermit status...

I'm sure I loved the spotlight at one time, the razzle-dazzle and superficial glitz of it all, but now I find it sort of uncomfortable, not quite real. Whether this is because of the aforementioned health issues or simply just a general lack of confidence, (or a combination of the two,) is hard to say, but there you go...and there, regardless, go I...

A flyer for the 'Studio Cadet' album, just one of several unreleased projects in my archives.

'Dark Room' is an album or EP concept I've had for quite a while. It could be a six track EP or a six extended tracks album depending on how well the material, er, materialises. The concept is, as the title suggests, to produce some dark, brooding, melancholy, atmospheric music. Will it ever get made? We'll see...


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