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Snow and freezing weather coming our way over the next few days. Blizzards and icy conditions threaten to disrupt the country, especially in our neck of the woods. It was cold enough today when I had to venture out to fulfill a podiatrist's appointment at a local medical centre: 0 degrees but the wind chill made it feel colder. Apparently we're in for a lot worse than this tomorrow, according to the weather prophets.

After the podiatrist thing today I have to attend another medical appointment tomorrow afternoon at the hospital. It's for my regular, dreaded, eye injection. I hate this with a vengance but it has to be kept up if I'm to escape blindness. However, despite these regular injections directly into my eye, my vision isn't any better, if anything probably a little worse, but what it would be like without these treatments I dread to think.

The 'Concert For George' event was on tv last night. I've had the DVD of this since it first came out a good few years ago, but Emi was watching the tv broadcast when I emerged from my studio so sat down to watch it with her. I think it's one of the finest examples of what musicians can put together when they have a strong motivation. I personally rank it up there with 'The Last Waltz' for heart and soul coupled with great musicianship. A wonderful, touching tribute to George Harrison who's skills as a songwriter and musician were too often overshadowed by the Lennon/McCartney axis of the Beatles.

The log fire is blazing away downstairs at the moment whilst I'm shivering upstairs here in my studio typing these words. I was planning to start work on a new track tonight but...perhaps it's time to switch off and warm myself by the fireside and await the snow.


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