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Suffering from this afternoon's eye injection. Black 'blobs' floating in the centre of my vision from the drug injected into my eyeball, and a strong, stinging, painful sensation with it. This is just how it goes, every time I have to do this. Tomorrow it will ease, hopefully. As I said in my previous journal entry, I don't enjoy this procedure at all, but it's neccesary.

Snow not too bad during the day. Some sunshine melted it away where the shadows didn't keep it in place, but tonight is different. Temperature minus 3 as I write and dropping along with renewed snowfall. The morning will reveal an impenetrable white landscape, I fear.

Despite my vision difficulty from the injection, I started a new track tonight . It may end up as a live performance in the 'Plectronica' event planned for December. I'll eventually mix it as a finished track for an album but also do a backing track mix that I can use live.

Maybe the album that I'll put the finished track on could be released to coincide with 'Plectronica.' I have a vague title for this...'Stylus.' I've knocked up a flyer, which I'm posting here. Just another one of those 'imagination in motion' things that may or may not come to fruition.

Enough for tonight. Time for a cuppa and a sugar-free buiscuit...


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