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The flyer I posted on Dreamsville, and on the various Facebook pages, has garnered a good and positive response from people wanting to come to my 70th birthday bash/concert at The Clothworker's Hall in December. Already, I'm feeling the pressure of coming up with something that will be seen as special for these people, several of whom will apparently be travelling great distances to attend.

I'm always incredibly nervous about live performances these days. And with my added concerns of partial deafness, sight problems and diabetic energy levels, it's difficult to judge how things will work out on the day.

However, the event is still a long way off at this point in time and things could fluctuate, one way or another, dramatically over the coming months. Park it on the back of my mind and deal with it later...

Meanwhile, I've begun sending images to Martin Bostock for him to lay out for the design of the 'Dynamos And Tremolos' album, which I'm planning for my next physical CD release. I'm thinking of making this one another digipak package, similar to the 'Songs For Ghosts' album. These packages cost much more to produce but I feel that this album may warrant it. Anyway, some nice images sent to Martin today and maybe a few more to send yet.

The concept is rather nebulous at the moment, things stirring in the ether, ideas coalescing, gradually shaping up, forming like ghosts from half-realised ideas, but coming together nevertheless. It will all be fine and dandy when it's completed. It always is.

Some minor developments on the Warner Bros/Red Noise front but nothing to positively report at this stage. To be honest, I'm pissed off with the way the so called 'industry' ripped off artists like me back then. Suggesting that artists should become businessmen is like Trump saying that teachers should become trained gunmen. It's never going to happen in the majority of cases.

So, that's it for today. Feeling a little low for some reason. But, there you go...


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