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'Drive This Comet Across The Sky' was released as a digital download yesterday. Available from my Bandcamp page it seems to be going well. It's what I consider to be one of my more 'casual' albums, not heavily worked over, just a spontaneous bit of fun, a rock album in many ways but with some minor diversions. The video I made for the album's title track is available to watch in the gallery/cinema section of my website.

Meanwhile, Emi is still in Japan. She returns to the UK in 7 days time. I'll be pleased to have her home with me again.

She emailed me some photographs of her adventures. Today she is at a Japanese 'Onsen', in the mountains. An Onsen is a natural hot spring with a traditional hotel nearby, where she will be staying tonight. She sent a photo' of some of the food she was enjoying and one dish of Sushi looked very tempting. (See attached photograph.) I'm very partial to Sushi myself.

Tomorrow she moves back to Tokyo and goes to stay with a lady who used to be her next door neighbour at the apartment block she lived in before selling it to come to live in England. She will be staying there until she returns on the 17th.

Yesterday, I had a photo' session with my official photographer Martin Bostock. Unfortunately, the weather was grim, foggy and damp, more like November than Spring. Still, we managed to get some outdoor shots of me huddled in my warm coat and took some indoors in my front room. (See attached photo'.)

Tomorrow I have a podiatrist appointment and then will be picking up my eldest daughter Julia and grandson Luke from their hotel. They will be arriving from London tomorrow afternoon and staying for three days. It will be nice to see them both. Hopefully the weather might improve so that I can take them somewhere nice, perhaps Castle Howard.

Finished the mix of 'These Stars Are Fire' last night, (the title track of a new double album I'm working on as part of my 70th birthday celebrations.) Will start another track later this evening.

Have been stuck in the house all day, waiting for the delivery of a Duesenberg 'Les Trem' vibrato arm that I ordered from Germany last week. It's to be fitted to the new Tokai Firebird guitar. However, as of now, (4:35pm,) there's no sign of the delivery van. According to the tracking information, it's been out for delivery since 7am this morning. If it doesn't arrive today I'll be very annoyed as I've waited in all day long for it.

Normally, time travels so fast...but, with Emi away and this waiting, it goes so slow.


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