Spent most of today signing copies of the 'Auditoria' album. Managed to get about half of them finished. Might try a few more tonight but otherwise will plough on tomorrow.

As a result of the concerted effort to get the albums signed, I've not been able to make any further progress with the 'Plectronica' artwork. Something is going to have to give with all this stuff. There are still many important things to sort out, not least the myriad equipment and guitar preparations, which will take a few days. Time is running out I'm afraid, and it's all becoming too intense. Not helped, at the moment, by various Cherry Red Records distractions. Unfortunate that the re-issue of 'Sunburst Finish' coincides with the complex 'Plectronica' preparations. As I've said earlier in my journal entries, far too much on my plate right now.

Managed, whilst eating my lunch, to catch up with the nation's ongoing Brexit debacle on the BBC news. What a tragic mess... David Cameron deserves to go down in ignominy for launching this horror on us. His referendum in 2016 was a monstrous mistake and now we're faced with the ugly, negative and divisive result. I dread to think what will happen next...Jacob Reed-Mogg for PM? God help us all.

I find it hard to understand the mentality that leads us away from the European Union. I consider myself both a British citizen and a European. I'm proud to have been part of Europe, but now that privilege seems to have been stolen from me because of a 'leave' campaign that was fought on the basis of lies and illusions. Jingoistic nonsense...It needs to go back to the people for a final vote, now that the pros and cons are properly revealed. THAT'S democracy.

Not that the hard core Brexiteers will allow that for one moment of course...they're far too worried that too many people will have had second thoughts and changed their minds about it, (which they probably have.)

The first referendum was founded on a hoax, a dead dream of Empire. In light of all the chaos that has ensued, we need to be given a chance to vote, once more, now that we are much better informed. Surely, the rabid Brexiteers will have nothing to worry about if they're so sure that 'the people' will still vote in sufficient numbers to continue on the path to leaving the EU? But, there's the rub...will they?

Need to take a break, but no time for relaxing, work to do...