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Back from Fairview studio where I've been busy transferring the tracks for 'That Old Mysterioso' and 'The Unrealist' albums for John Spence to master.

Traffic coming home was terrible, and made worse by the oncoming headlights of other vehicles. It gets dark so early at this time of year.

Everything is now copied across to Fairview's computer, a good day's work. And so the two albums are ready for the next step on their way home to your ears and, hopefully, your heart.

I was very pleasantly surprised by 'That Old Mysterioso.' I haven't heard it since I completed mixing and assembling the draft running order sometime last year. But, I have to say that it's sounding very good, far better than I'd remembered. I'm extremely pleased with it and excited for you to hear it.

John said that he thought it would become a firm favourite with fans, though I think it will take several listens to really sink in for most listeners as it's a somewhat oblique and complex album, but also, perhaps, sweet and melodic and warm.

The lyrics, which were written in a 'stream of conciousness' kind of way, seemed opaque at the time of putting them to paper, but now a definite theme seems to have emerged. Strange how even their author was unaware of their meaning until quite some time after.

So, the concept, or theme, seems to be about my current pre-occupation with ageing, the quickness of time, the fragility of life, the persistance of memory, the shift between reality and dreams, the nature of love and longing and the acceptance of the inevitable. All wrapped up in a kind of 'psychedelic-prog-jazz,-pop-rock' musical style for want of a better description. Strangely, (though not planned, ) the words, 'drifting away' re-occur on several songs for some reason or other...

But, in other as unusual.

The second album I've transferred today, 'The Unrealist', is, by contrast, an instrumental affair with several semi-improvised guitar instrumentals.

Although the album originally contained 16 tracks when I went to Fairview today, during the process of listening back to it I decided to drop one of the tracks, a piece titled 'Deep Blue.' I don't know quite what it was that made me do this, but I just felt disconnected from it in some way. So it has gone to the great abandoned track list in the sky, leaving the album as a mere 15 track extravaganza. Still, more than enough music to take in!

Next step is to complete the artwork for 'That Old Mysterioso' and get both art and masters to the factory in time for manufacturing for a January release. I think this one will strike a very strong and positive note with fans who are attuned to my own tastes.

'The Unrealist' , on the other hand, will be a download only album, possibly in late January if I can come up with some images that will suit the album's cover art. Just vague ideas in my imagination at the present moment, but time needed to articulate and execute them. Lots to do...

Meanwhile, here's another photo' taken by Martin Bostock at last month's launch party concert. Here I am playing my lovely 'Astroluxe Custom' guitar...


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