Exactly one week ago today, the tickets for the 'Plectronica' event at The Clothworker's Hall' in Leeds went on sale. They were announced on the internet mid-morning and by tea-time of the same day had completely sold out.

This was totally unexpected as tickets for these events normally take a couple of months to reach capacity or somewhere close to it, but this time they went in less than a day. Astonishing! 

The downside of this was that a great number of avid fans didn't manage to reserve their tickers in time, probably thinking, like me, that they would have at least a month to do so. Unfortunately this time was different and the rapid sell-out left many fans disappointed.

I've been feeling bad about this and so tried to see whether it would be possible to add a few more seats to the auditorium, but the venue management said that this would not be possible due to fire regulations. Seems we're right up against the limit.

So...what to do?

The only solution would be to stream the performance over the internet on a 'pay per view' website and we're currently looking into this possibility. I've always refused to do this for past performances as there's no guarantee of the quality of sound, vision and playing. I preferred to look at footage after the event and decide what was up to scratch or not and edit accordingly. However, in this case, due to the number of people being upset about not being unable to obtain tickets, I'm prepared to let it go out live, warts and all. I may live to rue the day!

Meanwhile, work has continued with the triple album set 'AUDITORIA'. I've now sorted the tracks into the individual running orders for the three discs, a big task as there was so much material to listen through to and choose.

'AUDITORIA' will be the overall title of the set but each CD will have an individual title. The first two discs are titled 'These Stars Are Fire' and 'Mysterium' respectively, but I've changed the title of the third disc from 'Secret Knowledge' to 'Plus Ultra', (which I believe is Latin for 'further beyond.') There are 15 tracks on each of the first two discs and 16 tracks on the third disc, which leaves 9 tracks over from the sessions for the album. These 9 tracks will form the basis of another, totally different album which I plan to put together at a later date.

Here are the track lists for each disc in the set: