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I've just this minute finished recording and mixing a track for this year's Dreamsville website audio/video Christmas card. Well, to qualify that, the audio side is finished, but I've yet to start work on the accompanying video. Scratching my head about that side of things at the moment, especially as my camcorder has given up the ghost. No doubt I'll come up with a solution, eventually...

This year I've chosen to record an improvisation based on the old 'White Christmas' tune, albeit with flourishes and aberrations of my own...(added spakles, crystals and snowflakes for instance.) Kind of kitsch and kind of corny, but heartfelt nevertheless. It's a guitar piece with humming, soft choir, warm brass and a simple beatbox that provides an electric coda for the music to float over at the end in a kind of snowblind white mist of improvisation.

I've recorded one of these seasonal pieces every year, for the last few years now. (They can be watched again in the Cinema section on my website if you've missed them.) Fans always enjoy them and say that it helps to get their families in an appropriate mood for Christmas, which makes me very happy.

This coming week is busy with various things, not only the impending work on the Christmas video, but several tedious domestic tasks, mainly to do with paying household bills and so on.

One important thing is that I need to set Emiko's new iPad up and arrange an email and internet connection for her. I had to buy her a new iPad on Friday as her old one has developed problems and, as it was a first generation machine, it can't be updated. (So this is how computer companies make their fortunes.) A similar thing happed with my old Mac. So expensive all this stuff but, we've got to the point where we can't exist without the technology. Strange, as I don't remember ever hankering after computers or the internet before we had access to them. Are we leading the technology or is it leading us?

One pleasant thing I'm looking forward to this week is a meeting on Wednesday with my old friend Ian Haigh, who was a fellow student at Wakefield's art school in the mid 1960s. Ian is one of the few people I've felt an enduring affinity with. I've booked a table for us to go out for a meal together on Wednesday evening. We've an awful lot of catching up to do as Ian has been out of my orbit since the late '70s.

No particular image in mind for this journal I'm posting one of my 'imaginary album' flyers for an album titled 'Captain Radar And His Interplanetary Orchestra.' Just a bit of silly science-fiction fun!


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