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Preparation Stresses!

Nearly October, and soon another new album launch party. Getting really stressed with preparations now...way behind with things that need to be put in place. I'm due in Fairview studios on Monday to assemble the backing tracks for my live solo set, but I'm still undecided about the choice of numbers and the running order.

Tomorrow is the final day for settling on this. I think there will be five or six completely new numbers in the live performance, all of which require me to create new accompanying videos. Time consuming stuff.

I also have to make a series of new artworks for the merchandise stall, decorate a guitar I'm planning to sell, write the listening notes for my spoken explanation of tracks I'm to select for playback from the 'Songs For Ghosts' album, get some of my guitars 'fettled' ready to play, and the rest of my complex gear set up, (which is currently plumbed into my home studio,) unplugged and, packed into cases and carried downstairs ready to transport to the gig.

I find all of this physical activity somewhat more exhausting and mentally laborious than it did a good few years ago, but that's the ageing process for you, I guess. No one, no matter how young, escapes this in time. An inevitable conclusion to our youth but one which, somehow, doesn't diminish the creative spark of our imagination. So onward, forever onward...


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