Finally packed away my selected guitars for the 'Plectronica' live set...all are now ready for guitar tech Andy Newlove to pick up on Tuesday. But tonight have tried running a couple of the backing tracks using my Gretsch 6120 archtop, and I have to say that it sounds great and plays like butter compared to some of my other selections for the set.

Should I put this instrument in place for the performance and abandon some of my original choices? Or should I tough it out and use some of the more unconventional guitars that, perhaps, have built in constraints and limitations to both sound and playability but look great? I do tend to favour visual style as much as anything else, but that sometimes means I'm making a rod for my own back by using guitars that aren't always conventional in terms of their sound and playability...

I guess the choices come down to ones that challenge me somewhat, and others that oil the wheels of technique more easily. Hmm...what should I do? I think, despite the disadvantages, I should stick with my original choices and, if it makes things rougher, tougher and less polished than I would like, then so be it...

The Clothworkers Hall...the venue for 'Plectronica.'


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