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Stuff bubbling and percolating on various fronts. A meeting looming with Mark Powell from Esoteric/Cherry Red Records about their newly aquired Be Bop Deluxe and Red Noise catalogue, (which they've grabbed from Warner Brothers, who didn't exactly do a good job of reissuing the albums a few years ago.)

Hopefully, Cherry Red and Esoteric will give the albums a much better treatment and profile. And, equally hopefully, I'll recieve far better dues for my past work in terms of much needed royalties and renumeration.

Domestically, I'm having problems getting someone to come and fix our shed roof. Going through endless hoops in that direction. It's only a shed and just needs new felting due to damage in the storm of a few weeks ago, but is now letting in water and things stored there are not doing good.

The company we bought the shed from a couple of years ago won't deal with it as it is out of guarantee...Called a shed repair guy several times now but very hard to get a definite response or commitment from him. Maybe doesn't need the work?

Have an appointment with the podiatrist coming up at the start of next week. Diabetes related foot problems. A worry...

Emi trying to stave off a cold. Hope I can steer clear of it.

Meanwhile, work continues on the 'DRIVE THIS COMET ACROSS THE SKY' album. Another new track begun yesterday. The basic backing laid down this evening but lyrics and vocals to work on tomorrow, (though I won't have much time available as I visit my mother every Saturday to help with her supermarket shopping.)

At this point in time, however, I'm about to vacate the studio to go downstairs to watch a DVD. What should it be, I wonder? Another episode of the recent 'Twin Peaks' series or one of many music documentaries: Joe Pass, Bill Frisell, Wes Montgomery, etc, etc...

Do I need the surreal weirdness of David Lynch, or something a little more soothing such as the sublime flow of jazz? I'll decide when I've boiled the kettle for tea and biscuits...



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