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Thirty seven tracks now completed for the 'These Stars Are Fire' triple album. Just mixed a new instrumental track tonight titled 'Back Of Beyond' which is a kind of dark cousin to another track on the album titled 'Beyond Yonder.'

Feeling very positive about everything on the sessions so far, though I've yet to call a halt and sort through all the finished material to choose the album's final running order. I'm really enjoying the process though and feel completely at one with my guitars which, in their various guises, are providing me with lots of inspiration.

Every day I look at whatever selection of instruments I've chosen for that day's recording session and marvel at their colours and designs as if I'm seeing them for the first time.  Despite being almost 70 years old I still get the same thrill from guitars as I did when I was a kid standing outside the windows of Webster's Music Shop in Wakefield or Kitchen's in Leeds. Music and guitars have never failed me, I'm glad to say...

The album will cover a lot of the musical territory I've traversed over the years. There's rock, pop-rock, left-field jazz, ambient, experimental, a touch of acoustic, some synth based stuff and plenty of vocals and instrumentals. I intend to mix it all up and not divide the three discs into separate generic categories...a surprise on every track for every listener.

An early Podiatrist appointment this morning. Nothing out of order though the nerves in my feet remain somewhat 'dead' due to the diabetes. Makes walking feel strange and I tread gingerly sometimes, but hopefully things won't deteriorate too far.

I bought a new camcorder the other day from the local John Lewis store. It was a 'clearance' item, so reduced in price. However, the salesman couldn't locate the box and the extra items that should come with the camcorder, (lens hood, lens cap, battery, and battery charger, mains power supply unit, various cables to connect it to a computer,  software discs and instruction manual, etc.) As a result, he knocked a further £100 off the already reduced clearance price. How could I resist such a bargain? Well, I couldn't...

What I didn't realise is that the camcorder is a now discontinued model and finding the missing parts on the internet has proved to be something of a challenge.

Nevertheless, I've managed to get the correct battery and battery charger and a lens cap from on-line suppliers. I've downloaded the instruction manual and software from the internet too, (hopefully the software will work ok.) The cable needed to connect the camera to the computer is due for delivery next Tuesday. If that happens to be the correct one and will do the job, I can manage without the rest and will be able to use the camcorder to create some new videos. Feeling quite excited about this!

Bedtime...Tired and struggling to see what I'm typing so, goodnight for now.


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