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Spent two and a half hours at the hospital this afternoon. The various eye tests and scans showed that my right eye's condition has deteriorated and there's more fluid at the back of the eye than the last time I was scanned. The doctor said I need more frequent injections, which wasn't exactly welcome news.

I'll keep this journal entry short as I'm having difficulty seeing as a result of the blurring effect of the various drops I've had in my eye this afternoon. (Drops to dilate the pupils, drops to anaesthetise the eye, and iodine drops to sanitise it.) It's stinging like mad at the moment.

This morning I had a conversation with Paul about the streaming of 'Plectronica'. It looks like it is going ahead and there will be announcements soon about how to sign up to watch it live from anywhere in the world. Let's just hope I don't get nervous and end up making major musical mistakes!

British Gas are coming tomorrow to fit a 'smart meter' to our gas supply. Apparently it sends our gas usage automatically over the internet, so there will be no more estimated bills. (We recently had one fitted to the electricity supply.)

It doesn't cost us anything to have these devices fitted as the government says that every household in the UK has to have them fitted by 2020. Seems it's compulsory. The only problem is that the electric supply to the house will need to be turned off for two and a half hours whilst the smart meter system is installed, (even though it's the gas supply being fitted with the meter.)

So, it looks like I'll lose even more valuable 'Plectronica' preparation time, something I could do without. Anyway...

Here are four more photograph's of the artwork that will be for sale at the event.

Two drawings made for 'Plectronica.'

Two more drawings for 'Plectronica.'

And two further drawings for 'Plectronica.'

A pencil sketch, a decorated mask and an oil pastel canvas...all for sale at 'Plectronica.'


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