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Today involved another dreaded visit to the hospital for one of my regular eye injections. The process takes a while. The routine requires a blood-pressure test, (which was high, as usual,) a sight reading test for each eye, an electronic scan of both eyes, then a consultation with a doctor before the unpleasant ordeal of entering the injection room to lay on the couch and have a syringe stuck into my right eyeball.

When I first began these injections, I was required to have one every four weeks. After several months, the period was extended to every eight weeks, and then, for the last two or three times, the interval was every ten weeks.

Unfortunately, today's scan showed that there's been an increase in the diabetic related macular degeneration and an increase in the bleed at the back of the eye, so the doctor said I must go back to having the injection every eight weeks instead of ten. I wasn't pleased to hear that things had deteriorated and had hoped that the ten week intervals would continue but...I'll just have to accept it.

After today's procedure was over, I had the usual blurry vision from the injection and, as the anasthetic wore off, a stinging soreness in the eye which has eased up a bit now but still feels very uncomfortable. This time though, I didn't get the numerous black blobs in my vision that usually occur when the drug is injected into my eyeball. These last roughly until the next day but no sign of them this time. I'm not allowed to drive for 24 hours afterwards so Emi comes with me to the hospital each time to take care of the transportation back home.

Anyway, over and done with until the next one in eight weeks time.

Not achieved much in terms of work today. The track I mixed yesterday is titled 'Luna Rose' and has been added to the list of possible tracks for 'Drive This Comet Across The Sky.' I may try to begin work on another new track for the album tonight though, depending on how I feel.

Aside from that, there are still thirteen albums completed and queing up for release. Their titles are: 'Phantom Fuzzbox;' 'The Jewel;' 'Amplified Dreams And Wild Surprises;' 'Stupid-Serious;' 'Dynamos And Tremelos;' 'Electra;' 'Magnetic Travels;' 'Studio Cadet;' 'Powertron;' 'Aqua Moon;' 'Astral Overdrive:' 'That Old Mysterioso;' and 'The Unrealist.'

I'm hoping to release 'That Old Mysterioso' next but it looks like its release date will slip back to February due to staffing problems at SOS.

Meanwhile, here's another fun flyer for 'Drive This Comet Across The Sky.'


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