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This will be a very brief journal entry, Time is against me and the 'Old Haunts' album launch party is coming the day after tomorrow. I've been desperately trying to keep everything on track but have found it hard due to concerns with my Mum who is hospitalised and seriously ill. Daily visits to the hospital in Wakefield have taken up several hours of each day so have severely reduced my preparation time for the upcoming event.

Nevertheless, I've managed to create a couple of new videos to screen and am now trying to put a few pieces of artwork together to offer for sale on the merchandise stall. It's all a bit last minute though.

Today I had to forgoe my hospital visit and instead had to attend a brief rehearsal at Leeds University where my new guitar tech, Gordon White, had the challenge of getting to grips with the complexities of my digital guitar processing system. Glad to report that Gordon did a sterling job and everything seemed to connect together in the correct way. I ran a couple of the numbers that I will be performing on Saturday but then called a halt to the proceedings and packed all the gear away.

I have to admit that the last four, almost five, weeks of worrying about my mother and making daily journeys to the hospital in Wakefield have taken a toll on my nerves and, I guess, my health too, to a degree. I'm feeling like I'm coming down with a cold and my energy levels are low. But seeing my Mum suffering so much is not easy to bear.

Anyway, I should not be spending time on writing this journal entry...there is still much to do before Saturday's performance. I just hope it will come up to people's expectations...

A forthcoming album...

Another forthcoming album...2020?


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sean foley
sean foley
Nov 21, 2019

top chap keep your chin up


Nov 08, 2019





I'm sure the event will be great. You are an inspiration. Your hard work, dedication, and love toward your mother is admirable.


I work at a Hospital I Wakefield if I had known I would have happily paid your Mum a visit for you. Keep strong x

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