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Spent a lovely evening with my dear friend John Leckie, remembering old times and exchanging stories of our long journey through music. So many adventures for each of us since our first collaboration on Be Bop Deluxe's 'Sunburst Finish' album. Meeting up with John once again brings home what a rich history we each have left behind us...a long trail of music and memory.

Tomorrow we start our filmed interviews about the making of 'Sunburst Finish.' I've been given a preview of the interview questions and they're quite detailed and comprehensive. Whether I'll be able to answer them all is uncertain, some things have slipped away over the many years since the album was recorded. And as I've noted many times before, that period is not something I particularly keep in focus. Nevertheless, I'll try my best to come up with stories that might illuminate the making of the album, and John, I'm sure, will also do the same.

Now, I think it's bedtime, but not until I've checked the tv news to find out how the US mid-term elections are progressing. Hopefully, there will be a weakening of the Trump administration.

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Terry Bennett
Terry Bennett
Nov 07, 2018

I'm curious whether Cherry Red is planning on further Be Bop Deluxe or Red Noise special releases? I'm quite looking forward to hear the interview with you and John Leckie.

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